2.Clock In/Out


2.1Time and Attendance

Time and Attendance is used to track and manage employee hours. Employees use the time clock feature to enter arrival and departure times, as well as adjust any missing hours or benefit hours. Managers use other features to approve adjusted hours, enter missing hours, and see the total number of hours worked by each employee for each employee.

The Time and Attendance features are located in the Navigator under the Time Clock section.

How to Clock In or Out

When an employee arrives at work, he will clock in by either typing his username and password, or by swiping his employee card. After the correct information is entered in the fields, select the Clock In button to clock in, and theClock Out button to clock out. The date and time are listed as well to show the date and time of arrival/departure. The date and time shown will be the date and time recorded on the entry.

A warning will appear if you are clocked in and try to clock in again, or if you are clocked out and try to clock out again.

Entering Missing Entries and Benefit Hours

Selecting the More button on the Clockin/Clockout window allows an employee to edit his time card. Employees are not able to edit any clock entries, but they are able to manually enter missing entries or enter benefit hours. The manager in time of time clock will have the ability to approve or override any information entered in this window.

Adding an Entry

Adding a manual entry will help your employees keep their time sheets up to date and correct. If an employee misses an entry, when he tries to clock in or out a warning will pop up informing him that he’s missing an entry.

He can log in to his time sheet and make the corrections. The message will continue popping up until the work week is over, or the correction is made.


In order to view your More screen to edit entries, enter you Employee ID and password and select the More button.


The employee time sheet will open


To adjust the date period showing, use the From Date and To Date to view the correct time period.


Select the date in the table that you need to add an entry for.


There are two ways to add an entry. You can right click in the square and select Add Entry, or you can select the Add Entry button.


This will open the Add Entry window


The date will automatically be entered from the selected date in the time sheet. You can change this date by manually typing it in or by selecting the down arrow and using the calendar.


If you are adding a missed entry, you will select the Missed Entry radio button.


Enter the time of the missed entry and whether it was for clocking in or clocking out.


The time is set in military time.


If you are adding benefit hours, select the Benefit radio button.


Enter the number of benefit hours you are entering and select the type of benefit hour. The benefit hours found in the Type of Benefit field are set up in General Preferences.


Once all the information is entered and correct, select Submit.


When the window closes, the time sheet will show the new entries.

Deleting an Entry

If you have incorrect entries in your time sheet, you are able to delete them. However, you are only able to edit benefit hours and manual entries. Clock entries can not be edited.


Select the entry that needs to be deleted.


Right click in the cell and select Delete Entry


As long as the entry is a manual entry, or a benefit hour entry, the entry will be deleted.

Immediate Clock Out

If there is a circumstance where you or an employee clock in but need to be immediately clocked out, highlight the clock in field and right click. Select the Immediate Out option and an Out entry will be made of the exact time that the In was made.

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