Part I.Introduction



POSIM EVO is a powerful, yet easily understood system. More importantly, POSIM EVO is developed by people who understand the retail environment and work with end-users to insure that POSIM EVO meets the needs of today’s retailer. POSIM EVO works like a smart retailer, keeping track of inventory from the moment a vendor purchase order is created until the product is sold to the customer.

This Manual for POSIM EVO was designed as a training tool to help you through the setup. It should give you first hand knowledge of the system and its features. We hope the simple step-by-step instructions will answer your questions and allow you to easily setup and learn the POSIM EVO system.

Where to Begin

The following is a checklist that can be used when setting up your POSIM EVO system.

POSIM Setup Check List

Setup Check List

1. Computers & Network

2. Installation of POSIM EVO

3. Peripheral Equipment Setup

4. Sample Database Setup

5. Customizations & Sales Tax Setup

6. Use Sample Database to test Peripherals & Train

7. BUILD DATABASE (2 possible methods listed below)

Build Database Methods

Method 1

Method 2

Build As You Go

Build Before You Go

Setup Category Cards

Setup Category Cards

Setup Department Item Cards

Create Vendor Cards

Begin Selling Using Department Item Cards

Create Account Groups

Create Account Groups

Create Price Codes

Create Price Codes

Build Spreadsheets for Inventory Items Import

Adding Items to the Database

-For New Purchase Orders

Import Inventory Items

Create Vendor Cards

Create/Import Customer Cards

Use Add Items Feature to Add Items to Inventory

Start Using Purchasing and Receiving for Orders

Use Add Items Feature to within Purchasing to Create a Purchase Order

Tag All Items on Sales Floor

Receive and Tag New Items

Go LIVE and Start Using POSIM EVO

Sell Tagged Items Using Barcodes and Non-Tagged Items Using Department Cards

At Predefined Cutoff Date Take Physical Inventory of All Items

At Predefined Cutoff Date Take Physical Inventory and Tag all Non-Tagged Items

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