1.Basic Modules


1.1Navigator Bar

POSIM EVO is controlled using the Navigator bar. When the program is opened, the Navigator bar will appear on the left side of your computer screen. To navigate POSIM, click on the Navigator bar, and it will slide open. You then have access to Inventory, Sales, Accounts Receivable, Reports, Time Clock, and Administration.

Figure 1-1Navigator

From the Navigator bar, you can check your version information by clicking on the V button located at the top of the Navigator. In this same location, you can also access the User's Manual by clicking on the question mark.

Figure 1-2V & ?

You will also notice a lock button and pin on the right edge of the Navigator bar.

- The lock button will log out the current user.

- The pin button is used to force the Navigator to stay open.

Figure 1-3Lock & Pin


Item quantities are managed in the Inventory section with accurate and up-to-date information. Categories and Items are accessed within the Inventory section, as well as Purchase Orders, Receiving Logs, and Transfers.

Figure 1-4Inventory


Open, Working, and Closed Invoices are processed within the Sales section. It records, stores, and summarizes all point-of-sale transaction information. It records payments types and provides sales analysis information to update accounting records. You can also manage customers with in Sales.

Figure 1-5Sales

1.4Accounts Receivable

Accounts Receivable keeps timely, accurate records of On Account purchases and payments made through an Invoice or an Open AR Batch. Accounts Receivable allows you to print customer statements and apply finance charges. Customer accounts are paid off through balance forward or open item accounting methods. Multiple reports exist to aid you in managing your receivables more effectively.

Figure 1-6AR


Many different reports are located in the Reports section, keeping your database accurate. This section also includes "Define a Report," which allows you to create and save your own custom reports.

Figure 1-7Reports

1.6Time Clock

Time Clock allows your employees to keep track of their hours. Employees will use the clock in/out feature to clock in and out every workday. They are also able to enter missed clock entries, sick hours, or other benefit hours that will later be approved by management. Managers have the ability to view employee hours, as well as approve or enter benefit hours.

Figure 1-8Time Clock


The Administration section contains General Preferences, Employee Administration, Computer Preferences, Import Manager, Remote Sales, and Label Queue.

- All user control information is located in General Preferences.

- All employees are created and assigned privileges in Employee Administration.

- All printer, cash drawer, and receipt information is in Computer Preferences.

- Import Manager allows you to import items, customers, or vendors into your database.

- Remote Sales allows you to make sales offsite while your store is still open.

- The Label Queue is a shortcut to manage the printing of your labels.

Figure 1-9Administration

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